About Us

AKSU THERM Company for Trade and Manufacturing was established in 2004 and started its activities in Asia, Africa and Europe. It is a trading company specialized in the manufacture and trade of plastic pipes, accessories and raw materials. Our industry is distinguished from other companies in quality and designs, and holds international ISO certificates. Aksu Plast, which was established in the Republic of Turkey, is a leading company. Our services include continuous follow-up, production, designs and self-treatment by the company’s management for the quality of materials and production, and among our qualities and creativity are self-confidence and ability to compete and provide the best services to customers, follow their opinions and share their ideas with everything new in the world of PPR pipes and accessories We believe that we have successfully reached a stage of trust, respect and dignity, and our pride is based on our valued customers and the trust granted by them and the people and above all the team spirit from Al Aliyah looks forward to achieving the same goals and dreams in our company, whether it is managers, engineers and employees, and we are all working for further progress of the company towards the future Best